Lucky Laundry: The Washington State Lotto Ad

LaundryI was driving along in my car, listening to the radio, zoning out and thinking deep thoughts as advertisements played. Suddenly, a woman’s voice crashed through to my consciousness, comparing her laundry’s rinse cycle to the cycle of life, only with a spring air scent:

Now comes my time. It’s just me, my washer and dryer, and five days worth of dirty laundry. Time to remember that life isn’t about meetings and deadlines. . . it’s about making whites whiter, and folding towels to perfection.

As I shoved my eyebrows back down from the ceiling, the announcer came on and said, “A weekend is not a vacation,” and proceeded to tie in the Washington State Lotto’s Weekend Getaway contest. You can listen to the commercial by going to the Washington’s Lottery website, and truly, you should. It is hilarious. I couldn’t find the persons responsible for this ad, although I suspect the culprits to be Publicis in the West, who’ve handled the advertising for Washington’s Lottery in the past. What I love about the ad is how it shows you the effects of a person having utterly snapped, then ties it in with a covert suggestion that a vacation might be in order.

I know the feeling.


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