THE WIRE: Rest in Peace, Omar

Omar Little The WireWell, by now it shouldn’t be a spoiler anymore. One of the best anti-heroes ever — the gangster with a code, Omar Little — met his end Sunday night on HBO’s The Wire. His life ended with both a bang and a whimper: the bang of a pistol held by an 11-year-old Omar wannabe, and a whimper because it was unexpected, without fanfare, and because Omar looked so tired before it all went down. He lived by a code, and while he may have been a murderous thief, he was also a man of honor. “I ain’t never put my gun on nobody who wasn’t in the game.” And it is a credit to the writing of the character (by such amazing writers as David Simon, Dennis Lehane, Ed Burns, Richard Price, David Mills, and more) and the fine acting of Michael Kenneth Williams, who portrayed him, that so many viewers are left so sad.

You will be missed, Omar. Your murder might not be considered news by the folks at The Sun, but you will be remembered.

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