Golden Heart: Great Love Songs Part III

Golden HeartHappy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’ve saved a couple of the best love songs for last, songs that are so good that even if you are currently unattached or unlucky in love, you might not even mind that these are love songs.

The first song comes courtesy of a wild, twelve-piece band from Portland, Oregon: Pink Martini. These guys and gals play a bubbly, big-band style of music as if they’re a little tipsy on sarsaparilla. You can find their lead vocalist, China Forbes, singing in English, French, Italian, Croatian, and Japanese. Obviously an overachiever. But, oh, the songs. Today’s pick comes from their fabulously titled second album, Hang On, Little Tomato (2004). It’s a little ditty set to a cha-cha rhythm (feel free to correct me – I guessed because I could insert the “cha-cha-cha” between the lines) called “Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love”(lyrics and music by China Forbes and Thomas L. Lauderdale):

When you are near, everything’s clear
Earth is a beautiful heaven
Always I hope that we shine like a star
And be forever floating above
I know a falling star can’t fall forever
But let’s never stop falling in love

Doesn’t that just hit the sweet spot?

My second pick for today does double-duty as a ballad and a love song: “Golden Heart” from Mark Knopfler‘s album of the same title (1996). Let me set the scene for you. A gentle Knopfleresque guitar thread wafts from the speakers for close to a minute. And just when you begin to think that maybe you’re listening to an instrumental, he quietly begins to sing of a stranger spied in a store, wearing a golden heart amulet:

Then we swirled around each other
and the thread was spun
To some arcadian band
I would stop it
from swinging like a pendulum
Just to hold time in my hand

Nothing in the world prepared me for,
your heart, your heart
Nothing in the world that I love more
your heart, your heart
Your golden heart

So if you’re needing a last minute Valentine’s gift, just play your intended one of these unabashedly romantic songs. They’re better than roses. But not chocolate.

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