Top Commercials of “The Big Game”

Football HelmetTrue confession: no, I didn’t watch the “Big Game.” [side rant: how goofy is it that no one this year has called it the Super Bowl? Seriously, even if it’s trademarked, how many different ways can you refer to the ultimate football slugfest?] But thanks to YouTube, I didn’t have to miss out on the commercials, my favorite part of the show. How was Tom Petty at halftime, by the way? I love him.

So here are my picks for the best commercials of the night. Now, my utterly subjective criteria for “best” are:

  • The ad must either tell a story or explore a theme in a new and different way; and
  • The ad must be related to the product or service it is promoting — i.e. no brilliantly executed ads where you have no idea twenty seconds after the commercial who it was for.

That’s it. Nothing too taxing. And there were some lovely examples of that this year. No blockbuster commercials that I saw, but definitely a few that I thought were exemplary representations of marketing. Standard disclaimer: I have no commercial interest in any of the following products or services. I just liked their ads.

A drum roll for the winners:

  • Fed Ex “Carrier Pigeons“: Very funny, well executed exploration of the alternative to overnight shipping.
  • Coca Cola “It’s Mine”: Nicely laid out story using Macy’s parade balloons as characters. Besides, you gotta love that Charlie Brown finally won something in the end.
  • CareerBuilder “Queen of Hearts”: Good tweak on the old warhorse cliche of “Follow Your Heart.”
  • Diet Pepsi Max “The Nod”: No real story, but an artful and funny take on the selling point of the soda — caffeine.
  • Bud Light “Jackie Moon”: A match made in heaven. Will Farrell as Jackie Moon shilling for Bud Light in hilarious examples of bad advertising. My favorite: “A magical blend of barley, hops, and delicious alcohol.”

So don’t hold back. What were your favorites?

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