Who’s Your Pol? USA Today’s “Candidate Match Game”

j0384726.jpgI just got turned on to a terrific merger of writing, graphics, and reader interaction. USA Today’s “Candidate Match Game” shows a bar graph with all the running candidates (recent drop-outs are grayed out, but still match-worthy). You answer a list of 11 questions on your own views ranging from the Iraq war to immigration to health care using a multiple-choice format, and as you enter your answers, candidates whose views match your own slide higher up the scale. By the time you’ve answered the final question, you have your perfect candidate.

There are a couple terrific features to this application. There is a slider scale to your right that allows you to give an issue more or less weight. Thus, if you answered the question, for example, about a candidate’s experience, but don’t feel it’s terribly important to the election, then you can weight the issue low on the slider scale, and your candidates will shift accordingly. Additionally, you can hover your mouse over a candidate’s bar graph to find out his or her view on any of the given questions (with the source — generally a speech — cited accordingly). You may be a little frightened with the results, finding that your views are not that far askew from Dennis Kucinich’s, say, or Ron Paul’s. But you will be more enlightened about what the candidates are saying, and how they differ from one another.

If you’re feeling brave, feel free to tell me which politician you matched closest with. . .

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3 Responses to “Who’s Your Pol? USA Today’s “Candidate Match Game””

  1. xarcadia Says:

    You know whats funny? My sister sent me to a Fox News site (I know, not really news…) but anyway, it paired me with Kucinich and Clinton. This one paired me with Kucinich, Romney, and Gravel…though I gotta say…I’m partial to Ron Paul and John Edwards myself….. so either I don’t “get” what they are about, or this system doesn’t actually work!! *gasp*

    Thanks for posting the link to the tool though…

  2. toddiedowns Says:

    I know what you mean. Kucinich scored high with me as well, much to my surprise. But when I went and looked at his views, darned if a bunch weren’t right in line with my own. Of course, Kucinich is renowned for saying exactly what he thinks. I have to wonder if these guys said what they really, truly thought — not just what seemed most politically safe — if they wouldn’t be more in accord.

  3. Betty Olson Says:

    My results paired me most closely with Joe Biden, with Clinton and Edwards tied for second and Obama a very close third. I’d be more surprised at these results if I had not spent 3 hours yesterday listening to a re-run of the recent debates!

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