Best of the Best of 2007 Lists

ListsReally, I love the end of the year, because I cannot get enough of “Best of” lists. It’s as if my only reason for drudging through the first fifty weeks of the year is to catch up fanatically on the “Best of” lists to find out, in reality, that I saw none of the best movies, read none of the best books, played none of the best games. Notice I didn’t put television on the list, because I in fact, pretty much watch all of the best television. But, you know, everyone has to have a talent.

But it seems like it’s harder and harder to find these “Best of the Year” issues at the newsstand. A few years ago, I could buy five to ten issues easily and sate my thirst for these lists in one fell swoop while finishing up spiked eggnog and stale Christmas cookies. Now? You have to search. Really search. So I decided it was high time that someone, namely me, gave kudos to those publications that still give enough of an opinion to offer a best of the year retrospective. Note: I am picking only paper publications for this list, since part of the sensory fix of the lists for me is flipping the pages of the magazine to get to the next list. Websites, you’re out of luck on this one.

  1. Entertainment Weekly God bless these folks, they offer a whole issue devoted to nothing but “best of” lists from 2007 in movies, books, television, music and more. When this issue arrives at my household, I jump on it faster than Double Stuf Mint Oreos. For those keeping score, I saw .5/10 of the best movies (one movie out of two critics offering 10 choices each); bought 1/10 of the best music; watched 7/10 of the best tv shows; read 0/10 of the best books. Ouch.
  2. Time With fifty top ten lists to choose from, knock yourself out. My personal favorite is the top 10 oddball news stories, featuring the woman who finally had surgery to remove a pencil that had been stuck in her head for 55 years. Of the media lists, here’s my score: Movies – 0/10; Music: 1/10; Books: 1/10; TV: 4.5/10 (They divided the list up into new AND returning series. That’s just not fair).
  3. The New York Times Week in Review This is kind of a cheat, since it’s only one list. But such a doozy: the best buzzwords of the year. With items such as “gorno” (a movie genre that blends gore and porn), and “nose bidet” (a nasal irrigator to help allergy symptoms), I just had to include it in the Best of Best of list.
  4. Seattle Magazine Okay, this one focused exclusively on Seattle happenings over the last year, so it definitely has a “You have to be there” kind of vibe to it. Also, they lose points for not including a corresponding web version of many of the lists for online readers. But it was a terrific retrospective look to the year that was.

Incidentally, I’m not the only “Best of” list fanatic out there. A big thank you of a shout-out to, who compiled a list by category of all the year-in-review lists. It was like finding a virtual soulmate.

What are your own personal “Best of 2007” lists?

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