Hello world!

Golly. My first post. So, to my family and three friends who will be checking this out, let me say hello, and thanks for reading. Truly, I have big dreams for this blog. I would love for it to rekindle passions for reading, turn people on to new and or obscure writers, bring world harmony. But I’ll settle at the beginning for providing entertainment to anyone who stumbles in.

You may have some questions for me. If I may be so bold, I will anticipate some of them for you.

What’s WordHappy all about?

You know how you occasionally will read a book or magazine article, or hear lyrics of a song, or get a piece of dialogue stuck in your head–in a good way? How when that happens, it sometimes makes you want to shout from the rooftops that you’ve found something great? Maybe this doesn’t ever happen to you. But it happens to me all the time. So in the interest of giving shout-outs to all those writers who’ve crafted words that have made me happy, I’ve begun this blog.

Why should I listen to you?

Because I have impeccable taste, that’s why. Honestly, there is so much good writing out there that I can’t possibly cover it all. So I hope you all will use the comments section to provide your own shout-outs to good writing. But my tastes run from pure mainstream to darned obscure, so chances are good that I might turn some people on to areas they haven’t considered before. And I’m covering a wide berth — when I say writing in all its forms, I’m not only talking about books, I’m talking magazine articles, blogs, song lyrics, poetry, movies and television, and even, dare I say, advertising and marketing!

I also have treats and surprises in store for my (please, please) growing readership. Periodically, when I can call in favors, I will be posting interviews with great writers to talk about the writing that makes them happy too!

Who the heck are you?

I was raised by a herd of feral sheep in the crags and foothills of Maryland. Conversation tended to be a little stilted, but fortunately, an itinerant knitter/office supplies salesman and his family wandered through and took me in. Ah, how we would talk late into the night debating the benefits of paper clips vs. staples, and why packs of pens only include one red one. Alas, a disagreement over the sketchy future of the sticky note led to our estrangement, and I was once again alone. I made my way to Seattle, where I hid out daily in coffeeshops, blatantly eavesdropping on people’s conversations about tv and movies, reading their discarded books and magazines, dreaming of the day when I would be able to blog about the writing I loved. And here I am.

So, that brings me to the end of this introductory post. I welcome all comments. But remember, this is a blog to celebrate writing, not to tear it down. You are welcome to disagree with me, and I with you, but let’s keep it positive, shall we?

Thanks for reading!

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9 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Michael Schein Says:

    Toddie, you’re so nice, you must have at least 4 friends! In an effort to keep it baaa-sitive, count me as one, please. (What a crappy pun – I’m sheepish.)

    So, book recommendations. I LOVED Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow, and Children of God. Her follow up, Thread of Grace, needed severe editing. Toddie, did you read any of these? What did you think?

  2. Barbara Brink Says:

    Congrats on your new blog site Toddie! That is an interesting back history you have. And I thought my relatives were weird. I will be returning often to see what’s new in the world of writing. I can’t say I’ve read a great book lately, but you’ve got to admit that new show on NBC, Chuck, is pretty darn funny sometimes.

  3. Anne Lindsay Says:

    Ah Toddie,

    Have you heard about Happy News. Another venue for happy writing. I enjoy checking out the good side of news rather than the state of the news we have today.

    That’s why I turned off my TV 20 years ago. Yep. My main form of entertainment and news is in the written form and that which we captured off the airwaves – NPR mostly. I can scan over the headlines and read on if the details lend themselves to be read.

    Good Luck with your blog and I WILL be checking in to find out what pithy things your are espousing.

  4. Phillipa Medley Says:

    Dear Toddy,

    Phillipa here from South Africa!

    Jolly good show on the opening of your blog.

    What am I reading? Nothing too cerebral,
    but the entertaining John Irving novel titled:
    “Until I Find Her.”

    I seem to recall that we both enjoyed the
    book, ‘The World According To Garp.”

    Safe Journey to you and Yours!
    South Africa

  5. Daniel Farrar Says:

    Toddie, I am so proud of you for taking a dream and passion from your head and heart to the point of being able to share it with the rest of us! I really appreciate your helpfullness with the content of my website. When this project grows and eventually goes public and becomes worth millions, we will not forget our little sweat investor Toddie!

    BTW, I wanted to be the first person to bring up those two all to often hated words, “Marketing and Advertising” lol While I have been securing financing for my project I began working for a company that puts the websites of small businesses on the front page of all the search engines. They are pretty cool because they are able to track all of the activity of driving people to a companies website from the time they click in, what pages they look at and if and when they make a phone call they even provide the name address, phone number as well as a recording of the conversation for the purposes of bettering the companies customer service. There are many other things that they do, but the part I like best is that the cost is based on performance.

    Okay so there it is! The first fullfledged sales spill. lol

    Again, I am very happy for you and I will look forward to coming back often to review the progress and development of “WordHappy”

  6. toddiedowns Says:

    So many comments already! How exciting.

    Michael, I have not yet read Maria Doria Russell’s work; I shall put her on my list forthwith!:) Thanks for the recommendation.

    Barbara, I thought CHUCK was a hoot, especially the first few episodes. Given the similarities between that show and REAPER, I liked CHUCK better based on how the lead character was written — see how it all comes back to writing?

    Anne – NPR writing is generally amazing. If you hear a particularly good story, make sure you tell us about it.

    Phillipa – John Irving is a crazy good writer.

    Daniel – Thanks for representing the advertising/marketing world. Just a note – I edited out the name of the company you work for, since this isn’t an advertising site per se, other than for specific written work that I will get permission to post.

    Please come back and comment often!

  7. Eric Fingerhut Says:

    Toddie: It’s very cool to see what you are up to. Amy sends her love. We’ll be your Columbus fan club, OK? BTW, I found you thru Jill’s blog. She is very powerful, so be nice to her. As to great writing, any time you want to highlight great writing from one of Ohio’s universities and colleges, I would greatly appreciate it. Always trying to show off our schools! Good luck with the blog. Eric

  8. toddiedowns Says:

    Hi Eric!

    Great to hear from you and Amy. I hadn’t known you’d been appointed Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents. Congratulations! Now THAT sounds like a fun job. As a graduate of the stellar institution Kenyon College (www.kenyon.edu), I can vouch for some amazing writers that have graduated from there, such as Cammie McGovern (EYE CONTACT) and Laura Hillenbrand (an obscure little book you may have heard of called SEABISCUIT), to name but two. I shall make it a point to write a full post on the fab writers hailing from Ohio’s colleges and universities. Feel free to email names of other writers you love as well.

  9. Jill Says:

    She is very powerful so be nice to here! Wow – I have got to post that somewhere prominently on my blog!!

    I don’t know Toddie – maybe you and I are going to have more fun blogging 3000 miles apart then when we were just 15 mins. away from Tommy’s. 🙂

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